The Most Overrated Tech Devices

The consumer market is flooded with electronic devices that all aim to make our lives easier and more exciting. Each of these products claims to be the best of its kind, boasting to be on the cutting of the latest technology. While many, if not all, of these products, are amazing examples of technological advancements, I cannot help but wonder why some are hyped up to God-like status, where there are so many great options on the market. Read on for five of the most overrated gadgets on the market, and why I refuse to fall prey to the hype.

eBook Readers

I may catch some slack for this, but I really do not understand the attraction of an eBook Reader. I am a book person. I read in the morning, during my morning break at work, sometimes on the commute home, and always before bed. Books have character. The key to knowing how much I love a book is looking at the spine of the book. If the book’s spine is so severely worn and cracked that you have to look at the front of the book to know the title, you know this book is well-loved. I have too many electronic devices as it is, why do I need to add to that? A book needs no batteries, charger, or special carrier. If I fall asleep while reading a book, I do not have to worry that the book is going to leave a bruise on my forehead. While e-books tend to be less expensive than a regular book, I’d rather have a physical book in my hand than a copy of it on an e-reader.


Bluetooth Devices annoy me. Let me explain. Bluetooth devices are great when used for their intended purpose: to drive hands free in your vehicle. A Bluetooth device is a great way to stay connected while on the road. There are however some people who choose to wear a Bluetooth device constantly. While walking through the mall, down the street, even when they are sitting in a doctor’s office. To make matters worse, they seem to be talking incessantly and endlessly. Who needs to talk that much? And do you realize you look like you are talking to yourself? The new ones that light up make some people look as if they have a robotic device implanted in their ears. If I need to speak with someone, I’ll pick up the phone and call them. I don’t need my phone constantly plugged in my ear.

Apple iPhone

Another electronic device that grates my nerves is the Apple iPhone. There is an overabundance of touch screen smartphones on the market. While the Apple iPhone was revolutionary and offers a lot to the consumer, it is not the only phone to do so on the market. When it is time to upgrade my phone, I will be going with a less expensive option.

Apple iPod

The hype behind the Apple iPod has always puzzled me. Sure, it’s a great little device. It plays music, videos, holds pictures, and more. Here’s the thing: There are at least a dozen other high-quality media device players that do the exact same thing at a much lower price tag.

Rearseat Entertainment Systems

The Rearseat Entertainment System may just be the gadget that I find the most useless. Picture this: A family is on a road trip. Dad is driving, Mom is talking, and three kids are in the backseat whining. You’ve been on the road for the past five hours. After countless hours of hearing Dora on the Rearseat Entertainment System, Dad feels as though he is going to snap. Mom can’t get the “backpack” song out of her head, and the three kids are screaming “Are we there yet?!” Whatever happened to looking out your window on long car rides? When you get in your car, you are trying to escape the normal day-to-day routines, TV included. Why do we need TVs everywhere we go? DVR the programs you will miss, they’ll be waiting for you when you get back.