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How to Hang Curtains?

Curtains really don’t seem like a hard task to accomplish, but they can be quite intimidating. How many curtain rods do you need? How high do you hang the valance? How do you attach the curtain rod to the window bucks? These are all questions that need to be answered before you can hang curtains. In this article, I’ll give you an overview of the basics of hanging curtains as well as a few tips and tricks that the pros use.
To begin with, you need to pick out the correct curtains. Start by measuring the windows’ vertical and horizontal height. This way you’ll know what size curtain works best for your window. Curtains that fit your décor and your budget should be taken into consideration before you make your purchase. Don’t forget to take into consideration if you’re going to buy a valance also.

Purchasing curtain rods are the next step. What kind of curtain rod will you need? There are a million different types from simple metal curtain rods to elaborate wood rods. Choose wisely. Ask a sales associate at your local home improvement center for help in deciding which rod goes with which curtain. Another factor you need to take into consideration is the number of curtain rods you need. Always ask for help or read the packaging thoroughly before you commit to your purchase.

Once you have bought your curtains and curtain rods, set up all your tools. You’ll need a ladder, a screw gun, screwdrivers, a hammer, and maybe even a few more tools, Always read the directions first to find out what tools will be needed for your curtain hanging project.

Measure twice cut once. Have you ever heard of that old saying? It’s true. Always measure your curtains placement twice. Measure and mark the sides of your window opening for the even placement of your curtain rod. To find the wood that is behind your drywall, you’ll need to know what type of wall you have. Is it a wood frame or concrete block?

A wood frame wall will have three studs typically next to each window opening, sometimes four. That means 1 ½” for each stud. Don’t forget to add ½” for the drywall. A block wall has a 1 x 4″ or 1 x 6″ attached to each side of the opening. 3 ½” for a 1 x 4″ and 5 ½” for a 1 x 6″. Attach the curtain rod to each side of the window opening so that the curtain rod is directly attached to the wood. This provides a good secure attachment. The screws that usually come with cheaper curtain rods don’t go all the way through the drywall and attach to the wood. You’ll probably need to buy some new screws.

Here’s a helpful hint when securing your curtain rod to a wood frame wall. In new homes, there may be metal straps along with the windows studs. You’ll need to either move the curtains up higher or use a metal drill bit to go through the metal straps. For block walls don’t use screws longer than 1 ¼”. They’ll hit the concrete block on the other side if you use a longer screw.