For Men: Valentine’s Ideas for a New Relationship

Most of us have been there before; you’ve only been seeing someone for a few weeks or months, but a holiday like Valentine’s Day is coming up. You’re in “impress mode,” so ignoring the day isn’t really an option, but you also don’t want to jump the gun by giving her gifts that seem to be rushing the relationship. Here are a few safe ideas that will impress her without overwhelming her (or you)!

1. Flowers

Yup, a giant cliche, but flowers are appropriate at pretty much any point in a relationship. Just don’t overdo it with three dozen roses; she may feel a little creeped out by such an early display of affection. Plus you don’t want to break the bank, either!

Roses are nice if the woman seems very traditional, but lots of women appreciate something different, so don’t be afraid to consider other kinds that are in season.

2. Movie tickets

Give her two movie tickets and tell her she can pick any movie she wants. Movies are common dates for new couples, so the gift isn’t over the top, but giving her the choice of movies will make you look thoughtful. For presentation, put them in a card or a bouquet of flowers. (Oh, and make sure YOU are her date…)

3. Homemade baked goods

Make her some brownies or maybe a heart-shaped cookie. The gift is affordable, but the time you put into it will make her feel special. For extra points, drop them off at her work around lunchtime.

4. A fun weekend

Let her take some time off as the event coordinator by making weekend plans for the two of you. It may be too cold for a picnic, but you could take her ice-skating, beer-tasting, indoor mini-golfing- whatever you think the two of you will have fun doing together. Let her know about the plans on Valentine’s Day, and then the two of you can mark your calendars for a weekend that works.

5. A nice meal

You could also take her to a restaurant, but restaurants on Valentine’s Day or even Valentine’s Weekend can be overcrowded and overpriced. Make her that meal you’re great at cooking and have a night in.

6. Wine and chocolate

Show up with a nice bottle of wine (or sparkling cider if she doesn’t drink) and a box of chocolates. The gesture is romantic, but won’t seem out of place. As a bonus, the chocolates say, “You look so beautiful, I bet you don’t even need to count calories!”

But DON’T give her…

1. Expensive gifts

Yes, women love jewelry. But expensive stuff upfront can make women feel 1. panicky that the relationship is going too fast, or 2. like they’re being bought. Something small and affordable is probably okay, but hold back on that diamond necklace (did you really want to spend money on that anyway?).

2. A picture frame with the two of you in it

It’s a romantic idea, but again, can seem like you’re trying to rush into being a couple. Hold back on gestures that solidify you as boyfriend/girlfriend until you’ve been dating for a while.

3. Tickets to events in the far future

Those concert tickets for her favorite band sound great, but if the concert is several months away, she may feel overwhelmed. A gesture like this says, “I see us together months from now,” and she might not be there yet. Keep to things that are happening in the next few weeks.

4. Gigantic stuffed animals

Okay, these are not unsafe gifts- just really obnoxious. Either she doesn’t collect stuffed animals and will have nowhere to put it, or she does collect stuffed animals and you’re feeding her habit. A little bear is cute, but not a gorilla that will take up half her bedroom.

Final Thoughts

Basically, you want a gift that says “I can be romantic, and I care about you,” without pushing the relationship at an unnatural pace. Use your brain instead of your wallet, and she’ll probably love what you come up with.