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Cool Clothes for the Summer Season

It’s that time again where tank tops and flip flops are the joie de vivre. So what’s hot this summer season that keeps you cool? There’s plenty of things that are fashionable and flattering that don’t look aggressive to your wallet. And while the summer staples are acceptable, you can go above and beyond with your wardrobe, too.

Gauchos are back in and in many different styles. If you don’t know what gauchos are, picture a cross between cargo pants and capris. They are shorts but reach to just below the knee in a wide flare. They’re stylish, relaxed, and quite comfortable. Target has numerous gauchos, from the draping black pairs that feel more like a secure skirt to olive camouflage ones.

Sleeveless shirts need not just be plain, one-color tank tops. Buy a screenprinted tank, or do it yourself! Try on a sexy halter top or a cowl neck top. There are some great ones at Wet Seal, and both would look great with those gauchos.

Above all, choose clothes that flatter your body. Empire waistlines will go a long way, fitting loosely around the stomach and fitted under the bust. Don’t like your arms? Go with a long-sleeved shirt with billowing sleeves. Go a step further and cut a straight line down each, and add a ribbon to connect the fabric at the elbow. If you’re not feeling confident with a pair of scissors, I’m sure you’ll be able to find this type of shirt if you hit the stores.

If you’re looking for something a little more daring, check out the online store, Slash ‘N Burn, which features plenty of short skirts that are abundant in style. I personally fancy their Skool mini’s, which are simply school girl skirts that fall under the mini-skirt category. The site contains hundreds of products that are guaranteed to turn heads.

A sexy corset paired with your boot-cuts is very casual and modern, yet elegant in its simplicity. It’s sensual but also relaxed. Corsets cost about fifty dollars on the low end, and you can find great deals online. Make sure you order one that is 2-4 inches smaller than your waist measurement. Corsets enhance your bust while slimming your waistline and will likely end up being your favorite article of clothing.

Finally, the must-have item of the summer – clear bra straps. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a tube top without a bra, or you feel uncomfortable with your bra strap peeking out from your tank top, this is the perfect item. They don’t cost much and can be attached to any bra you have, so you don’t need to replace anything. The clear bra straps are about the same width as your standard strap, while the transparent spaghetti bra straps are thinner and can be worn with tops that have very thin straps. They retail for about four dollars, or you can buy them in bulk.

Oh, and don’t forget to wear a pair of comfortable strappy sandals!